"Richard, you have been an amazing help to me in the last year in dealing with electrical hypersensitivity and managing the toxic world around me. Your fountain of expertise helped me troubleshoot the electricity in my home, modify my computer system, purchase the right sauna for my detox program, research alternative flooring, tweak some of my vitamin and supplement therapy, and quite a bit more. Every conversation we had left me feeling hopeful, encouraged, and wiser. Some months ago, one of my health care providers suggested I make a "gratitude list" by each day writing down something I am grateful for. One of my first entries was "I am so grateful for Richard Conrad. He has been so helpful." This statement is short, but my sentiment is great. Thank you, sincerely." Linda B. - Maryland

"Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electrical Sensitivity (ES) himself, Richard Conrad understands the difficult challenges of those he is trying to help. In addition to his depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise, Richard is a very kind and caring person who really wants to help people. He has especially helped to make my home more livable and my ES symptoms more manageable. Richard's gift is that he is able to see a problem's "Big Picture", then work collaboratively to identify and prioritize the necessary action steps that create solutions to seemingly impossible problems. I would recommend Richard as an environmental consultant any day.
Susan H. - New York

"When I developed multiple chemical sensitivities, electro-magnetic sensitivities and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, all within a few months in 2010, I was overwhelmed and desperate. I found Richard while searching for help online and began consulting with him by phone. With a combination of skill, patience, tough love and determination, Richard pushed and pulled me toward regained health. Overriding my protests he steered me into sensible paths to progress and recovery. Now, about 7 months later, my CFS is almost entirely cleared and I am much improved in my tolerance to the other problems. I have hope for complete healing in the future - and hope, the essential element, was missing from my life 7 months ago." Linda W. - Maryland

"I have MCS, and my life is much improved because of Richard's consulting. He has given me invaluable assistance for several years.  Products he has suggested have been life-savers.  Richard also provided a solution to my air-conditioning needs that I never would have thought of.  He combines scientific knowledge, very creative problem solving, and experience with materials, products and methods.  Whether one has MCS or is a "normal" person seeking advice about less toxic alternatives, I highly recommend Richard Conrad as an environmental consultant." Jerold Block - Santa Monica, California

"We were expecting our first child and at the same time were planning to renovate our new apartment. Richard provided consultations that allowed us to instruct our contractor to use the safest construction materials to minimize any negative environmental effects on our infant daughter. In addition, he helped us to select a wide variety of baby-safe items such as sunscreen, insect repellent, shampoo, laundry detergent, baby bottles, etc., to ensure that we were not introducing any potentially dangerous chemicals to our daughter. Some of the dangerous materials that Richard warned us about are only now getting coverage in mainstream media. We greatly appreciate his knowledge and patient assistance in helping us to keep our family healthy and safe." Darin F. - New York City

"My body is extremely sensitive, reacting to minute amounts of environmental substances of various kinds. Over the last four years, Richard's many tips have helped me deal with my health condition and its lifestyle challenges with much more comfort. I especially appreciate his dedicated focus, compassion, and sincere desire to help." D.M. - Hawaiian Islands

"I have searched all over California and on the Internet, and Richard Conrad is the most knowledgeable and helpful person I have found to consult with. His advice has been crucial to the improvement of my MCS and EMF sensitivity.  Richard has advised me on many different facets of my life. Most importantly he assisted me in reducing my sensitivity to computers, which is essential for my work. He did this through helping me to modify my computer setup, and also through suggestions which have made me less sensitive. For all of his help, I am externally grateful."  M.C. - Los Angeles, California

“Richard is doing a real service with the articles on his website. For the non-technical person, he has inserted comments here and there to guide them as to the issues and options, in addition to providing enough technical info for a helper to assist them if they want or need to work these issues through. He is extremely knowledgeable. It helps that he is his own laboratory, I'm sure. I like his mix of technical information and practical guidance. I am in his debt, as well as are his readers.” May Dooley - environmental home inspector with EnviroHealth Consulting:, and host of WBAI FM radio show in NYC:
"Create Your Healthy Home"