My goal is to help reduce the amount of disability caused by chemical and EMF exposures.

Through education and improvement of environments, I work to help those who have MCS and/or ES lead more comfortable and productive lives, and to prevent healthy persons from developing chemically triggered cancers and autoimmune diseases.

I use my 20 years of experience with MCS to benefit others while supporting myself financially, and to modify environments to be more kind and health enhancing. BioLogic is the sum of the biological facts plus logic. It is the wisdom of keeping our environments matched to our biological needs, needs that have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years in concert with nature. Modern chemical and electric field mismatch with these needs is largely responsible for the fact the average person now has an approximately 40% chance of contracting cancer, and a 20% chance of developing a disabling autoimmune disease or syndrome, of which there are almost 100 types, MCS being one of them. The reality is that today our outer environment and inner environment (body burden) are grossly mismatched to the needs of life, health and well-being. A solution to this problem requires effort and adjustments at all levels. A matched, more natural environment would reduce disease, disability and health care costs to less than one-tenth of their present levels. We can keep the best of technology and chemistry, and creatively replace the rest. Prevention is BioLogical sanity.