Assistance for persons who have MCS and/or ES, and also for people who are not disabled who want to maximize their chances of staying healthy and of giving birth to and raising healthy children. In-depth education and practical solutions for individuals, architects, and corporations. I give attention to details and accuracy, and I follow through to ensure effective results.

The most important factors that reduce the symptoms of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness) and ES/ EHS/EMS (Electrical/EMF Sensitivity, Electrical HyperSensitivity, Electromagnetic Sensitivity), and reduce the probability of contracting these disabling syndromes, are:

  • Avoidance of exposures.
  • Avoidance or rotation of foods that one is allergic to.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutritional supplements.
  • Reduction of body burden via sauna detoxification with the use of niacin.

I provide practical scientific advice on these topics.

Areas of expertise also include:

  • Improving indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Non-toxic remodeling.
  • Designing lower EMF computer systems: layout, cabling (particularly using fiber optics) and grounding.
  • Designing air exhaust systems (such as for toxic electronics).
  • Product research.
  • Alternative technologies and safer devices.
  • Least toxic operation of swimming pools.
  • Detailed information about sunscreens, both toxic and non-toxic.

I have had MCS for 20 years and EMF sensitivities for 10 years. I have spoken on the phone with hundreds of other people who have MCS. I speak mostly from direct experience. When I do not, I will qualify my statements clearly. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will tell you without hesitation that I don’t know. I do not offer medical advice, nor a cure for MCS or ES, but I do help people to live more comfortably and safely.

I consult by phone. My consulting fee is $120/hour ($2/minute). I can call you back immediately so that you avoid long distance charges. The initial 5 minutes are free. Beyond that, I only charge for the number of minutes we actually talk (no minimum). Payment can be by Paypal or check. A reduced rate is possible for persons disabled by MCS and/or ES who have low resources. If you email me, please keep it brief. I prefer to communicate by phone.

Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D. 808/695-1128, 10 AM to 4 PM HAWAII time. If I am not near the phone, my voice mail will answer on the 6th ring.