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Nine Reasons Why Today's Smart Meter Systems are a Mistake (5/9/14)
Letter for Legislators on Wireless Smart Meters: HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUES (5/12/14)

EMF References (10/24/13)
Recommendations for safer use of current technologies (10/28/13)
FCC Standards for Human Exposure - my comments to FCC (9/2/13)

Partial EMF Solutions (Revised 3/22/13)
EMF Scams (Revised 10/20/10)

Smart Meters (Revised 11/28/12
EMF Misconceptions and The Reality of Electrical Sensitivities/EHS (Updated 10/25/12)
Some of my own EHS Experiences (8/6/12)

Low EMF Computing (Revised 10/1/12)
Triggers of EMF Sensitivity/Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) (Revised 8/1/12)
AM Radio as Inexpensive High Frequency Sensor

Subliminal Flicker, Part I: Computer Screens, TV's and Flicker Sensitivity (Revised 3/25/13)
Subliminal Flicker, Part II: Fluorescent Lights and Flicker Sensitivity (Revised 3/25/13)

The Nanotechnology of Life (Revised 11/6/11)
True Health Care: Reducing the cost of health care by enforcing Biocompatibility
Least toxic activated carbon mask
Flying with MCS: Carbon Mask plus Oxygen
Non-toxic construction guidelines (revised 1/23/10)
Cell Phone Tips and Guide

Autoimmune diseases and their chemical triggers
MCS as a neurological symptom of autoimmune disease
What goes on the skin often goes through the skin
Our lungs are an air filter the size of a football field; dirty air in, clean air out = body burden
What body burden is and how it affects us all
Sunscreens and how they have been causing skin and other cancers
Laundry dryer exhaust is not just a lot of hot air
Principles of IAQ

Anti-inflammatory supplements that may reduce autoimmunity
What works for me
The bootstrapping principle
The true story of the Yemenite Jews
Genetic “susceptibility”
Short term vs. long term effects of exposures
Pesticides: not an option; there is always another way
Unscented vs fragrance-free
Richard’s Lotion
Perfumes and cosmetics
Disinfectants don’t have to make the air toxic
Uses for hydrogen peroxide
Furniture, flooring and formaldehyde
Carpets old and new

Misconception about “low” VOC paints
Misconception about all paints
Guidelines for renting and buying a home
On breaking down pesticides in homes and on the surface of foods

Baking out the mail
Least-toxic inkjet printer paper
Supplemental oxygen
MCS and executive functioning

Some EMF symptoms
EMF and RF meters
EMF protection/shielding scams
EMF Russian roulette except with 3 bullets in the cylinder instead of one
ES and carpal tunnel syndrome
ES and hyperbaric oxygen treatments

Lower emf keyboard, mouse and flicker-less projector-monitor
On solar power

Tinnitus and hyperacousis

Keyboard/mouse ergonomics:
The advantage of rectilinear keyboards
Automatic transformation of key functions by hand location

Consulting for architects

Helpful herbs, vitamins and other nutritional supplements

Dental fillings and crowns