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In my environmental consulting over the phone, I do my very best to provide practical help that works, and I like to follow through to make sure that my advice results in as successful an outcome as possible. Since everyone has different sensitivities and these sensitivities can be variable and unpredictable, since the implementation of my advice by a client may not always be followed exactly or completely, and since a client may have made inadvertent omissions in their communication with me about their situation or environment, I cannot make a guarantee as to the results. I do promise to do my in-depth best.


All of the photos were taken in Makaha on the west coast of the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The photo of Richard and Max on the About Me page was taken by Patricia Austin. All of the other photos were taken by Richard Conrad in his backyard, with the exception of the waterfall-over-the-reef picture on the My Goal page which he took at Makaha beach.

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