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Revised 3/22/13

(and of course 1. and 2. below are also essential in reducing MCS)

1. AVOIDANCE, AVOIDANCE, AVOIDANCE. Not just of EMF's but also of any VOC's and chemicals we react to, and foods we are allergic to. Inflammation caused by one of these tends to cross over and make us more sensitive to the others. See my articles "Triggers of EMF Sensitivity" and "Low EMF Computing". Of course it is getting more and more difficult to avoid EMF's, but when you can't avoid, at least minimize. Don't overdo exposures past "the point of no return", that is, not past the point of taking weeks or months to return to your baseline sensitivity. Give yourself a break between exposures.

2. ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES. Cool off the nervous, endocrine and immune systems with anything that works for you as an anti-inflammatory:
VITAMIN C, and for some of us, the herb
ASTRAGALUS, and for some,
INOSITOL, a non-essential B Vitamin.

INOSITOL as a natural sleep aid. Inositol is normally made by our bodies in small quantities, and is found naturally in many foods. It is a sugar that is not metabolized and therefore does not use insulin. It has many important functions in our bodies, including maintaining ionic balance across cell membranes, and as a "secondary" neurotransmitter. Mega doses (up to a heaping tablespoon of powder) are a great help in falling asleep, and for taking the edge off of emotions, yet leaving one mentally sharp. If I take it during the day it sometimes makes me drowsy (be careful about falling asleep driving if you try it during the day. Still larger doses have been reported to help in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, in some cases of depression and possibly in Attention Deficit Disorder. The brand I prefer because I think it is the purest of the many brands I have tried is Vital Nutrients Inositol Powder. When taking megadoses of any B Vitamin, it is a good idea to also be taking a daily multi-B supplement. I personally do well with Pure Encapsulations "B-Complex Plus with Metafolin L-5-MTHF".

Here are some INOSITOL LINKS:




3. PROFESSIONAL SHIELDING. Effective RF/EMI shielding of a computer system is a very important component of avoidance for many persons with ES. Half-baked or jury-rigged shielding is usually little better than no shielding at all. The monitor is much more of a problem than the computer, since the user needs to be close to the monitor screen and since shielding the face of a flat screen monitor in an effective way and still being able to view it easily is not possible; whereas a computer can be moved some distance away from the user and it is possible to shield the computer (but this shielding is worthwhile only if done professionally and with fiber optic USB and DVI cables coming out of the shield box). I feel that for a computer monitor (or a screen for viewing TV and DVDs), a shielded projector together with rear screen projection from a distance is the way to go. This can effectively provide an extremely low EMF computer monitor. (There is no such thing as a zero EMF monitor or computer; see my article "EMF SCAMS".

I have found some monitors that with a change of power supply and some other modifications, are more tolerable than most. Call me to learn about these. But the ultimate solution is a projector in a shield box:

I am presently designing a special shield box for a projector. A very low emissions computer that can be used with it, either inside the shield box, or outside of it, is the FitPC-3: http://www.thefitpc.com/ . My very carefully designed and constructed shield box will provide a high degree of shielding of the projector, and I expect that it will be comfortably usable by most persons who are now sensitive to their monitors and computers. My tentative timetable: XGA or WXGA projector in shield box (with or without computer) December 2012; very low EMF mouse, December 2013, near-zero EMF keyboard May 2013. Unfortunately it is all quite expensive, but for many of us it is the only way that we can continue to work. Also see my article "Low EMF Computing".