by phone for individuals, architects, builders and corporations

Reducing chemical and EMF exposures in homes and workplaces
to keep healthy people healthy,
and to help persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
and Electrical Sensitivities

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I offer environmental and low EMF consulting by phone (see contact info on the left). I am a Ph.D. Biochemist and an inventor, and have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), ES (Electrical Sensitivities) and flicker sensitivity. My expertise in creative problem solving is based on 20 years of direct personal experience in the field of environmental health, and on my scientific research background (see the "About Me" tab).

• Trouble-shooting indoor air problems and help in remediating them.
• Alternative materials and methods for safer construction and remodeling.
• Low EMF computing; lowering exposure to EMF and flicker from computer systems.
• Explaining computer screen flicker and analyzing sources of symptoms that occur from computer use.
• Education on body burden, nutritional supplements and sauna detoxification.

There is plenty of good research that proves the damaging health effects of chemicals and of EMF, which takes them far away from being a matter of opinion and firmly into the realm of fact and reality. The longer that government and industry delay facing the truth, the larger the health bill, and the poorer the quality of life for all of us. In true science, we do not require having a mechanism that explains how something works before accepting the results of reproducible research that proves its existence. We only have to prove that it is real, which is the first step towards discovering mechanism, which comes later. For EMF research evidence, see the links to the BioInitiative Report on my "Hot EMF News" page.

Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS) can be initiated by exposure to a new electronic or wireless device, or by spending an unusually long time near a device that was previously tolerated. Physical symptoms are then re-triggered by exposure to much lower field levels, levels far below those considered "safe" by the FCC. Sometimes people are predisposed towards developing EHS by prior exposure to toxins such as pesticides or heavy metals. I have talked to numerous scientists, engineers, programmers, financial advisors and realtors who love their work and their computers, but can no longer sit in front of a computer for more than a few minutes without having debilitating symptoms. They can only drive older cars with early, less powerful computers under the hood. They can't travel into many environments. They are truly disabled.

The anecdotal evidence of the reality of EHS is irrefutable. (See my articles: Smart Meters, EMF Misconceptions, and Some of my own EHS experiences. These articles should be helpful in convincing people that EHS is real.